Club Coaches

New - Coaching Award

In recognition of the contribution the coaches make to the club and athletes, we have decided to award a trophy to the most outstanding coaching contribution over the past year.

Rather than a decision being made by the club committee we have decided that coaches should vote for each other. The award will be based on coaching contributions from March 2015 to the end of February 2016, to encompass road, track and cross country seasons.

The nominated coach will be awarded with the trophy at the club dinner dance in March 2016. Therefore votes will need to be cast two weeks before this time, and we will notify you of the voting system nearer the time.

If you have any questions about this please contact the Club Chairman, Martin Slevin.

DBS applications

UKA takes its responsibilities towards the welfare of young people in Athletics very seriously and requires everyone in athletics who has significant contact with children to have an Enhanced Disclosure Barring Service Check. UKA have now moved to an online system for DBS applications. Follow this link for further instructions.

Any of the Club Welfare Officers: Jayne Mumford, Ann Kirkham or Martin Slevin will be able to verify your documents.

Coaching Courses

Details of England Athletics' Coaching Courses are available here.

If you are interested in qualifying as a coach use this link.

Heron Bank developments

The University has applied for permission to erect a new indoor and outdoor sports and leisure development, including a sports centre building, outdoor artificial sports pitches and associated lighting, in the area of the Heron Bank running route. The application W/16/1089 can be accessed via the Warwickshire County website. The principal impact on us will be during construction:

Click on the figure for an enlarged copy showing the area affected.

Note: University Sports Fields

The University has drawn our attention to restrictions on the use of the grounds around the area of the Cryfield Sports Pavilion. In essence we cannot encroach onto any playing surface or along the lines for marking those pitches. In particular we must desist from running around the boundaries of the cricket pitches and the football pitches on the levels (We have a concession that we can run along the edge of the top pitch before droppng off the bank to the main levels circuit, but not to loop around the pitches).

Please study the map and ensure we comply. The 'threat' is that we will have to hire areas if we do not stick to the agreement. We have a good relationship with the University and do not wish to affect this in the future by transgressing.

The areas marked red on the map are NO GO areas. We should stick to the yellow paths (essentially the boundaries of fields).

Click for larger picture